Marvellous Initiative Network is a non-profit Organisation that support, enhance and empowers the skills and capacity of women, children and families (but not exclusively) from Black And Minority Ethnic communities (BAME) to learn new skills and developing their talents.

We support Refugees and Asylum Seeking women, children, and families to enable them to integrate into the community effectively, by building their self-esteem, and confidence, to interact more with people through participating in some of our trainings/workshops and events. 

We deliver educative sessions to advance their health,  improve their confidence, and self esteem which helps in preventing them from social isolation and loneliness.

We also support one another to thrive by collaborating and networking with other organisations in the community to bring about unity through working together to achieve one goal (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Equality) and also by signposting our members that needs help and support in various ways to appropriate places. 

Our Trainings/Workshops are:

Hairdressing, Make-up, Mental health and wellbeing, Healthy lifestyle, Beauty (Skin/Body care), Relationship matters, Parenting, Cooking, Sewing, Computer/IT class.

Instagram page: @marvellousinitiativenetwork

Twitter or X: @marvellousinitiative0022

Contact details 


Phone number: 07466903913



On the 27th July 2022 was the day we had a social event with the ladies for the first time. Also, the official launch of Marvellous Initiative NetworkπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•.